this old farm

In the middle of December, I will have lived on this farm for seven years. It will have been in the family for nearly 40.

The plan is to purchase the farm, someday. Hopefully within the next few years. I have spent much of the past seven years in a state of limbo, wanting to improve the farm but not too much. Money is a finite resource and being that I am simply a renter, it did not make sense to invest in fencing or fruit trees.

The plan to purchase the farm is firm. As firm as future plans can be. I have ordered 15 fruit trees to start a small orchard. There is a small flock of hens and ducks free ranging every day, foraging and scratching and resting in the shade. A small savings account is accumulating money to go towards a Jersey cow or a small herd of goats.

When I was a small child, my grandfather used the pasture to raise cattle. A cow last grazed the pasture over twenty years ago. My cousin kept a horse here for a small time, but even that has been more than 15 years. For half my life, the acres have been used for hay.

The plan is to use this space to document the process of reviving the farm.

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