//these retired birds

I have spent years trying to figure out what exactly I wanted from the land. My mother’s generation went as far away from the fields as possible, knowing exactly how hard it is to scratch out a decent living.

Unless something drastically changes, I have ultimately decided that the farm will be a secondary income at most. I have always feared turning something that provides me with an escape in to something I rely on to survive, so this is the decision that makes the most sense.

This decision has also allowed me the luxury of allowing the hens to live out their natural lives on the farm. I don’t particularly care to eat chicken, so turning the laying hens in to stew birds has never appealed to me.

The hen pictured above recently celebrated her second birthday. She lays, when she wants to, but mostly she bosses the other chickens around. There is another hen from the same flock that is still meandering the acreage, though I think she has ceased laying almost entirely. I hope to have them around for years to come.

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