new eggs!

We got a new batch of hens in the middle of May. Almost exactly five months later, we have our first egg laid by the new crew.

In the new crew ,we have Ancona, Araucana, Whiting True Blue, Cuckoo Maran, Rhode Island Red, Silver Gray Dorkings, and Egyptian Fayoumis. It’s a mix of chickens I have had before and chickens I am trying for the first time. I am excited to incorporate Anconas into the flock again and I hope they can live up to the legend of Destiny’s Chicken.

I know a Rhode Island Red laid at least one of the eggs. I think she laid both, because they are the same color and size. I am so excited for the new eggs to start rolling in and I have so many plans for the eggs.

(Destiny’s Chicken was an Ancona who lived three years and survived a few different chicken massacres. She was legendary around the farm and I still remember her fondly. She died of old age last year.)

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