four weeks sans internet//something to food about

Aside from minor inconveniences, I have loved not having the internet. I do still have data on my phone, so it’s not as if I am cut off from the outside world completely.

I have accomplished my goal of reading more often. This morning, I finished Questlove’s book Something to Food About. Much of my reading these days relates to food or farming these days, but this is a book that change my perspective in a couple of ways.

The first and biggest perspective change has to do with how he refers to himself as an obsessive documentarian. I had never thought about it in that way – for me, I have always felt this need to hold on. I vividly remember laying next to my pool with my best friend, just before college began, and talking about how nothing would ever be the same again.

I think that is where my interest in photography comes from. I have always loved photography because it preserves a glimpse of a moment. When I go to art museums I enjoy looking at paintings and sculptures, but I inevitably spend the most time in the photography section.

It’s also part of why I am obsessed with heirloom vegetables and heritage breeds. I like the idea of eating the same vegetables my ancestors ate and raising the same chickens my great-grandparents raised. It’s a living, growing preservation.

The other shift was more of a firm realization that I want to use the farm to educate people on where their food comes. That may be on the small scale of inviting my nephews to the farm to plant and harvest and gather eggs, or it may someday encompass something larger. That’s not the main focus, but I am open to growing it in to something in the future.

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