Broken bones and planning for spring

Two and a half weeks ago I took a nasty spill down some stairs and feel straight on my tailbone. I screamed bloody murder and was promptly asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I declined, brushed myself off, and limped home.

Two weeks ago, I was feeling a bit better and sat on the floor to do some stretching. I bopped on the floor a bit harder than intended and if my tailbone hadn’t broken previously, I had finished the job.

I’ve been mostly restricted since then, lazing about and reading mostly. I baked some bread and bemoaned how difficult it is to create surface tension without degassing the dough. I dove into Spanish study.

The weather is going to be decent this week and it’s time to really pin down what is going in the garden this year. I am on a strict budget this year and with the cost of starting the orchard, I need to focus. Switching to a raised bed garden means I can focus on small sections at a time, which has always been a need. I want to companion plant as much as possible and focus on soil health.

I very much want to compost more. I have been slowly working my way through a book on composting, and intend to implement many of the practices. I need to define my focus and keep track of my goals.

Here’s hoping 2018 is a banner year at the farm.

PS the chickens laid 8 eggs today and the ducks laid 1

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