For as long as I can remember, I have had four main interests: reading, history, making, and travel. I wanted horses as a child, but I didn’t pine for dairy cows or goats or sheep like I do now. But I have always, always had an interest in making. I wanted to garden, sew, and cook. I would create menus based on things I could make and try to get my family to buy things from me.

I am very happy with where I am in life. I have land which will hopefully soon be completely mine, I have dogs and cats and fresh eggs. The problem is that these interests are diametrically opposed with my second love: travel. I would love to be gone every other week, but I have responsibilities here. If I leave the garden for a week in June, I come back to half a million weeds. The chickens don’t get to free range as much. I need someone to take care of the dogs.

I can’t go. My wanderlust is not as strong as it once was – I would be happy with two trips a year. I can still manage that with the situation I have now, but as I add livestock, I am firmly rooting myself to this area. I don’t have anyone to step in and milk a cow or a goat. I don’t have anyone who will want to take on moving animals to fresh pasture.

It’s a constant need to hone what I really want and make adjustments as often as possible. What am I willing to sacrifice? Does this thing matter as much to me as it used to? It’s hard, but being flexible and willing to acknowledge changes has made my life more satisfying overall.


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