update! two roosters.

The chicken in the picture above is a six-week-old Captain Silly Pants. He was the free chick included in my chick order, and I watched him carefully as he grew. I figured out pretty early on Roger was a rooster, but Captain Silly Pants was a wildcard. I thought maybe he was a rooster, but when Roger II started crowing and he didn’t, I happily settled in to the idea that Captain Silly Pants was a hen and looked forward to the eggs.

This morning, in three degree weather, I heard a crow come from the coop. It was a struggle crow, so I ran to the coop hoping the chickens weren’t freezing to death. As I got close, I heard to distinct crows back-to-back and thought “do I suddenly have two roosters?” I chuckled at the thought, because how ridiculous! The chickens are almost 8 months old, after all.

I opened the door and looked in, inquiring as to everyone’s health and checking the temperature. Captain Silly Pants caught my eye because although he is not a looker in the picture above, he is perhaps my most beautiful and interesting chicken now. And then – Captain Silly Pants crowed. He didn’t look happy about it, mind you, but he definitely crowed.

Technically, we have enough hens to follow the general 10 to one ratio. Captain Silly Pants and Roger II could live in blissful harmony. I am going to sit back and carefully watch how the dynamics play out, but I have been wanting to build a mobile coop to use in the garden for bed prep, and this may be the opportunity to do so.

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