a high of 8.

The ducks have officially cried uncle. Some of the chickens have opted to brave the cold, congregating along the south side of the coop and in the sun. But the ducks – the birds normally first out of the coop and last in at night – they have decided the hay in the coop is perfectly nice, thank you very much.

Watson, our big white ball of fluff, is seemingly unbothered by the cold. Fritz has the good sense to duck in to their house if nothing is going on outdoors, but Watson sits in his usual spot. He is furious, or as furious as he is capable of being, that they are confined to the fence. An entire two car brick garage to himself, but he chooses to sit at the doorway and keep an eye on things.

One thing I have learned from this cold snap is that ducks lay their eggs at night. All the eggs I have been gathering over the last few days have been frozen, so I made a point to go out early. The only eggs I had to gather were from the ducks, but they were frozen solid. A quick internet search confirmed my suspicions – and also made me realize that if I get more ducks, I will opt for Khaki Campbells over Black Cayugas.

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