a high of 54.

When I first moved to the farm and was able to have a garden, I spent hours looking through different seed catalogs. I loved reading about different varieties, looking at the pictures, and dreaming of an organized garden and pounds and pounds of harvest.

The first year I was able to get a garden going was 2012. I remember it being a decent year, but I didn’t win the war of the weeds. In 2013 it was the war of the weeds plus the war against chickens just liking to scratch things. In 2014, I lost the war of my dog trying to be helpful by digging up all the tomatoes and peppers I spent weeks starting. In 2015, I didn’t even try. In 2016, I built a fence and won the war against the dog and chickens interfering, but I also spent the entire month of June on a business trip and thusly lost the war of the weeds. In 2017 I lost the war of the weeds again.

Every year, I go in with a different plan. I’m going to do this. I’m going to do that. I’ll even do well for awhile. In 2017, I thought I had cracked the code. Then, in one day, I went outside and was beat. My neighbor was gardening for the first time and she met me at the fence to confirm that yes, the weeds had grown two feet overnight and how did that happen?

In 2018, the plan has changed. I’m not tilling anymore, because research tells me that is churning up weed seeds and making my life harder. I’m moving to raised beds to host the majority of the 2018 crops and trying to utilize no till beds for the melon beds. I bought a walk behind string trimmer to help keep the paths mowed. Being able to focus on individual beds will help me feel like I’m able to win the battle, instead of looking at 2000 square feet of dandelions, purslane, morning glories, and grass.

I’m sure I will lose the war of something in 2018, but hopefully it will not be weeds.

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