a high of 9.

When I got home yesterday, it was eerily quiet. Usually the chickens run to meet my car, the ducks are quacking, or the dogs are outside. There wasn’t even wind, which is a near constant in the middle of nowhere.

I slowed my steps down and after a couple of seconds, Watson popped his head out to see who was there and the ducks quacked. It appears everyone has just cried uncle regarding the weather. Even the ducks stayed inside, and they are usually the first ones out and the last ones in.

This should be our last cold day for awhile. The projected high for Saturday is 52, which means I will have the opportunity to clean the coop and hopefully do a few other projects around the farm. I would also like to get the compost bed built, but I don’t have the supplies and the notice might be too short to really get it started.

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