a high of 61.

One of the things I’ve noticed with the dogs is that Fritz has a serious case of FOMO and Watson could care less, but only by a little. We were working outside today while the dogs where in their pen and Fritz was at attention, watching everything we did. Watson would glance our way once in awhile.

We got most of the fence line cleared of trees today. It’s been quiet for awhile, but there is so much to get done before March. It will be seed starting time faster than I think, and since I’m trying to start all my plants from seed this year I need to be both organized and diligent.

Plans are being laid to add bees back to the farm next year. I had them briefly a few years ago, but a tree fell in to the hives during a rainstorm. I loved having bees and have wanted to get more since, but I was traveling for work so much and for so long that it never made sense. I almost talked myself in to getting a couple of hives this year, but debt payoff has to be my #1 priority. I will put a little money aside for bees and the supplies needed and be able to get them sans guilt in 2019.


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