a high of 49.

When I was young, I would sit and count my money over and over. It was almost always change and one dollar bills, but I was obsessed. As an adult, all of my money is in the bank and I sit and sort through seed packets over and over. It makes me just as happy as being ten and stacking my quarters up to make sure I had the same amount I had ten minutes ago.

I spent part of this morning researching rain barrels. It’s something I’ve wanted to incorporate to the farm for several years, but I’ve put in to action. One of the ways I am keeping costs low at the farm this year is by using Home Depot gift cards. My company’s reward program centers around points we can redeem, so between those and credit card points, I have more than enough to make serious improvements to the farm.

When the farmhouse was hooked to city water, the well at the farm had to be destroyed. This means all of the irrigation is on city water which to date has not been prohibitively expensive. Now that we have fruit trees, I want to try to balance the new irrigation costs with rain barrels.

Another benefit will be for the ducks pool. We get a lot of rain here, so I figure if I don’t need the water for irrigation I can always use it to make the ducks happy (and save utility money).


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