a high of 49.

We bought the wood for the raised beds today. I ended up deciding to only go with 3 beds – 2 for the grapes and 1 for the blackberries. I will have to give away one blackberry plant or plant it in the ground, but financially this made the most sense for me at this time. Filling the beds with soil is costly and I want to explore no till beds for the remainder of the garden.

I still need to get the whiskey barrels for the blueberries. I have the points to redeem for a gift card, so once I do that I will nab those and then get the garden fully ready for spring.

I have such big plans this year. The grind is starting and I am very, very excited. This season needs to be about establishing the orchard and the perennial fruits in the garden. I want to build soil health and eliminating weed pressure. I want to grow delicious melons. I want to get perennial herbs established and utilize companion planting. I want to grow lots of vegetables and eat out of the garden and enjoy the outdoors.

Life is very, very good right now. I need to go walk the dogs and then clean out the chicken coop and look through my seeds again to see if I need to get anything else started.


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