a high of 61.

I was eager to get out of work today and get in the garden to continue preparation for the growing season. By the time I walked out of the office, a gust of wind blew me so hard that I almost lost balance. The general rule of thumb is that if the wind is that strong in the city, it’s nearly unbearable at the farm.

I was able to get one raised bed filled. If I can get one bed filled every day this week, I will be in excellent shape. We are supposed to have storms tonight, so I want to get some spinach and kale planted tomorrow evening. I have two more small beds (4×4) and then the three large raised beds (12×4) and that will do it for raised beds.

In other wind-related news, I found the ducks secret nest. I had so many eggs! But then I put the eggs down to open the door to the house and a wind gust knocked it over and then I had four eggs. I threw the cracked eggs to the dogs who happily gobbled them up as the chickens and ducks surrounded me. They’re accustomed to all things being thrown going to them, so I can understand their outrage.



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