a high of 56//never trust April

I grew up in a town about 2.5 hours south of the farm. Spring was usually a few weeks earlier down there, but even as a kid I knew we would get one last cold snap in April. It has informed all of the decisions I make with regards to planting at the farm.

I’m looking at the 15-day forecast and it is looking great. Part of me wants to go ahead and get some seeds in the ground, start the tomatoes a few weeks earlier than I realistically should, and really get grinding.

But then I remember the wisdom of 10-year-old Lo, which was: “We always get a snow day in April.”

I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to fit everything I want to in to the garden. I feel like I get a grasp sometimes, but then I go and order more seeds and add things to the garden I wasn’t planning on growing.

Row 7 seeds launched yesterday and as soon as I found out, I ordered some seeds. I believe we vote with our dollar, and I believe in what the company is trying to do. So now I need to find room for a couple more pepper plants, some cucumbers, beets, and some more potatoes.

I know I said I wasn’t growing potatoes this year, but I already committed to some potatoes from another company. Potatoes are my absolute favorite food, and I think if I use the raised beds to grow them in, I will have more success.

I’m also interested in the cucumber – I don’t actually like cucumber, because as a child of the 90s I associate the smell with the cucumber melon lotion that swept the nation. Anytime I take a bite of cucumber, I feel like I’m eating lotion. But my mom likes cucumber water and I like growing new things, so here we are. I’m going to try to get a vertical grow portion set up in the garden, so that I can grow the cucumbers and honeynut squash without sacrificing too much space.

On that note, I need to remind myself: one cucumber plant is sufficient. I grew cucumber a few years ago and mostly forgot about it, but I was able to harvest 100 pounds off of one single plant. The seeds were Marketmore 76 – which I got from either Seed Savers or Baker Creek.

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