a high of 51.

I was able to fill another bed yesterday, so that plan is working out well. It doesn’t actually take me that long to get it done, but it seems like such a difficult task that I always dread it.

I am trying a new tactic to starting onion and shallot seeds this year. I’ve never actually successfully grown either, but this is a top 2018 garden goal. I saw someone else start them in old strawberry containers, so I’m giving it a go. They seem way too close together – and they probably are – but the seeds are only good for one year, so I figured why not. If I harvest even one, I will consider it a success.

One of the personal struggles I have with gardening is that I like comparisons. I never want to grow just one variety of a vegetable. I want to know if X is better than Y. I think part of it is also diversifying risk – if one variety is bad, then maybe the other variety will be better. And part of it is just that I get a very particular sense of joy in watching things grow. I love flowers, but I think rows of cabbage or lettuce are equally beautiful.

It will be interesting to see how the garden works out this year. Companion planting will hopefully let me save space and fit everything in that I want to grow. If not – expansion plans for 2019 may be developed.

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