a high of 65.

The soil was delivered yesterday and we were able to get one bed filled. We finished the other two beds today. The original plan was to shovel the dirt into a trailer and them dump the trailer in the beds, but after one load we realized that wouldn’t work. So we adapted and filled buckets, then dumped the buckets in the bed. It took about five loads per bed, which at the time seemed like a lot and now seems like not that big of a deal.

Except that my entire body hurts. I took a shower immediately after we finished and almost couldn’t move. I sat down for a little bit and then I felt great. I took a nap and when I woke up I felt like I couldn’t move again. Yoga is definitely on the docket for tonight.

I’m a little overwhelmed about the size of the rest of the garden. I might have to adapt the plan to switch to no till gardening for this year and go full tilt on it next year. I have spent a lot of money over the last couple of months on the garden and while I have access to loads of horse (and chicken and duck) manure, I do need to let it compost before I can use it.

As a non-soil related aside, I saw one of the ducks chasing Roger the Rooster today. Keeping him humble!

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