a high of 40.

The chickens have picked up on laying quite a bit. It came out of nowhere – some of the ducks have been laying, but the chickens were taking their winter vacation. Then – boom. I’m getting about 12-13 eggs every day, though I suspect there are hidden nests outdoors somewhere. The ducks laid two eggs outside the coop today, possibly more. I’ll never know.

The ducks are cute, but in all honesty I’m not sure I will get more. I had heard they were incredibly messy prior to getting them, but it is unbelievable how big of a mess they really make. The chickens tend to make messes under the roosts. Since they free range, most of their waking time is spent outdoors. The ducks spend even more time outdoors, but they still create ten times the mess.

Plus, the Black Cayuga ducks are not laying at all. I expected their eggs to be black or even gray, but all I’ve been getting are straight white eggs. They’re just eating food and pooping everywhere and running away from me like I’ve ever done anything to harm them.


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