a high of 57.

I’m going to stop saying that I’m done buying seeds.

I may or may not have written previously about my search for the best tomato. The tomato that matches my mother’s childhood memories.

I hate tomatoes. I can remember trying a cherry tomato in my grandmother’s backyard and hating it. I have never liked ketchup. Every year I try a tomato and every year I am that three year old rejecting all things tomatoes. I hate tomatoes so much that I won’t even put sauce on pizza.

But my mother loves tomatoes and I think they are pretty, so I grow them every year. I just ordered 11 new packets of tomato seeds from Happy Cat Farm with plans to try about half this year and half next. I am hopeful the tomato lies somewhere in these 11 packets. The tomato that will make my mother and aunts stop and say – this. This is the tomato you should grow for the rest of your days.

Fingers crossed every so tightly.

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