strawberry day

The strawberry plants were delivered today and I was able to get all 100 in the ground today.

This is literally the first time I have ever gotten something in the ground the same day I received it. I am hoping to do the same with the trees in a week or two.

I also made a loaf of sourdough bread. I decided to do it pretty late in the day, so I am putting in the fridge overnight and will (hopefully) bake it tomorrow before work.

Watson was fixed today. I have never had a dog hate cars as much as he does. It’s absolutely bonkers. He calms down if I let him rest half of his body on the center console and then keep him in a headlock. Which is admittedly not the safest way to drive, so I took back roads home and it wasn’t so bad.

While I was planting the strawberries the chickens made quite the ruckus and I still don’t quite understand what the big deal was. But it was very pleasant to be working in the soil and listening to a podcast and birds and even chicken fits. I think I am really going to like having raised beds.

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