lazy saturday.

I called my mom this morning and suggested we go to the nursery to wander around. She wasn’t overly enthused by the idea, but she was kind enough to go. I’m not sure what she was picturing, but by the end of our visit she was in love with it. Our local nursery is such a soothing place to walk around and they have such beautiful and interesting plants.

I ordered comfrey for the orchard today. I think I have enough for the orchard and a few spots in the garden as I transition to no-till. I opted for the Russian Comfrey, as I am not keen on having the comfrey take over the whole field. I am looking forward to the boost it will provide to soil health and also the living mulch when I cut it down.

I am just a few days away from an extended staycation, which I’m pretty excited about. The weather is looking to be absolutely gorgeous, so I can focus on getting the garden prepped and ready. Given the recent cold snap and how things are progressing, I may not put the cold-sensitive plants in until the first or second week of May.


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