a high of 36.

I updated the ‘about’ page earlier to give a little background on the operations at the farm and mentioned something about rarely having flock loss from predators.

The ducks were making a lot of noise earlier and when I peeked out the window, there was what I think was a young hawk perched on my deck railing. I opened the door and he took off, but there some feathers scattered around. I don’t think the hawk was successful, but I am going to keep an eye out the next few days and see if he comes back.

I should know by now not to tempt fate. It doesn’t change my mind regarding free ranging – allowing the birds the freedom to be birds far outweighs the guilt I feel when an animal when the circle of life happens here. I do want to protect them as much as possible, and I wonder if the hawk would have gotten as close if the roosters weren’t huddled up in the coop due to snow.

In other flock-related news, I did get a small incubator today. I’m planning on building a small chicken tractor next week and using the chickens to scratch up some garden plots and spread compost. When the chicks hatch and get old enough to be outdoors, it will be nice to have a separate area for them to age up before being integrated into the flock.


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