happy good weather days.

When I was in college, I realized how much weather impacts my mood. Truth be told, there is a three year period that is mostly muddled. Not for the usual reason people refer to their college years as hazy, but because I had clinical depression. Much of what I remember is in snippets – I am almost positive I realized this before the depression shifted to clinical depression, but I honestly don’t know for sure.

But I do remember recognizing that good weather made me feel good. At that point in my life, I suppose it was remarkable because feeling good was so rare. Good weather days were things to be treasured. A belief formed that we should celebrate happy good weather days. When the weather broke from an extreme – a 60 degree day in January, the first really nice day of Spring, the first day after a heat wave – whatever shift in weather that created a sense of relief should be celebrated.

I would ask professors if we could have class outside. If I could, I would skip class altogether. I would encourage friends to get ice cream and eat it outside. I would text people and tell them to open their windows. I would try to soak up every bit of good weather I could and not let it be wasted.

I reserve one happy good weather day per year. One year where I can call in to work and do whatever I need to do to enjoy the day to the fullest. I don’t have plans to own my own business or have employees, but if I ever did there would be one happy good weather day built in to the schedule. One day where an employee could call in and take a day, no questions asked.

The last three days have been happy good weather days. I was lucky enough to already have PTO on the calendar, so I didn’t even have to call in to enjoy them. They have been three of the best PTO days I have taken in a long time.

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