the end of vacation.

I planted a few more trees today. Two Moorpark Apricot trees, a Red Maple, plus three lilac bushes and two forsythia bushes.

The remainder of my trees are currently scheduled to arrive Thursday. Once that is complete, the orchard will be fully planted. I am excited to watch the little orchard grow.

My neighbor has a few fruit trees. Last year they had a good peach crop, but the raccoons took them all in one night. The night that happened was the first night in a long time that I had kept the dogs up at night. There is a fair amount of wildlife in the area – deers, possums, raccoons – that would love to munch on the trees and their eventual fruit.

I floated the idea of fencing the orchard in, much like we have fenced in the garden, and getting a small dog whose job is nighttime orchard defense. No one screamed no at me, so that may be the plan we enact.


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