the orchard has been planted.

The bulk of the orchard arrived today. Thirteen trees in total, plus 6 grape plants, 5 blackberry plants, and four blueberry plants. Everyone kept saying we wouldn’t be able to get it done today, but it only took about two hours for the trees and then another hour for the rest of the plants. Mostly because I hadn’t filled the whiskey barrels with soil for the blueberry plants.

I ran back out at sunset to look at the orchard one last time tonight. I have wanted fruit trees since I moved here in 2011, but I never dreamed I would still be here today. Much less planning to buy it. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I walked down the rows and looked at the trees.

There are still some final pieces to put in place for the orchard. I need to put the cages around the tree and chip some more wood for mulch. I would like to put a fence up, though that will likely be a fall project.

I need to start hardening off the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. I haven’t quite got the no till area of the garden set up, so that will be another weekend project. There’s a native plant sale in a nearby town that I would like to go check out, but part of me is worried I will be disappointed.

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