chicken problems.

On Tuesday, I transplanted all of the tomato plants. By Tuesday evening, a small crew of chickens had found a small hole in the fence and destroyed almost all of the tomatoes. We fixed the fence on Wednesday, but one of the hens was still able to get in. She has been moved to the chicken retirement home (just some people who love chickens) and hopefully the garden is safe.

Several years ago I bought two strawberry plants from the farmers market. The lady gave me a strange look when I did it, I assume because she thought two strawberry plants wasn’t enough to do anything with. I knew the plants would send out runners and multiply, so I went for it. The strawberry patch from that area is pretty huge now and it is covered in little baby strawberries. I’m not sure what I will do with that strawberry patch after this season, though. I planted 100 strawberry plants throughout the garden this spring with plans of mowing down the old patch and replacing it with something else. I have enough room in the garden this year for everything I really want to grow, so I’m thinking it might be able to stay at least for a few more seasons.

In other garden maintenance news, the blueberry plants are trying to flower. I’m going out a couple of times a day to pinch flowers off the blueberry and strawberry plants so that they spend the energy on building a good root system, but it hurts to do it. I know it’s the best in the long term, but I just want some dang fruit. One of the cherry trees sent out flowers, too, so those got pinched back. I am looking forward to the hopefully abundant fruit harvests of 2020 and beyond.

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