chick update

Yesterday, I found an empty chicken egg, but no chick. Where the chickens are laying, the only option for a chick to go missing is for it to have been eaten. Unless it’s super chick and can somehow fly within 12 hours of being hatched.

The coop has been pretty secure up until now, so I am a little concerned as to what may be happening. I went out first thing this morning to check on status and there was an egg that was starting to break. Unfortunately, I think the hens accidentally broke the egg, because the chick wasn’t done cooking and didn’t survive.

The good news is that now I am pretty sure we will have some chicks be born out of this whole mess. The bad news is that I’m now a little more concerned about the three ducks who are trying to hatch their own babies. It’s entirely possible that our entire flock could double in the next month or so.

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