chance of rain: 100%

We are due rain tonight and I could not be more relieved. It has been such a dry spring and the trees need a good, long drink. I’m not sure how much rain we are going to get, but literally any little bit helps right now.

Another chick hatched, but the only evidence of such is the egg shell. I have no idea where the bodies are going. It’s absolutely bizarre. The two chicks that hatched yesterday are doing quite well. I’m impressed by how robust and active they are. I did candle a few more eggs and there are more chicks cooking, but who knows if I will be able to catch them before they hatch and are seemingly abducted by aliens.

The plan for this batch of chicks is to build a small mobile coop and let them scratch up future garden plots. Especially if two chicks are all we get from the crew, I would be concerned about introducing them to such a large flock. I am hopeful both are hens, but based on absolutely nothing except general pessimism, I assume they are roosters.



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