more thoughts on chickens.

I am so hoping that some of these new chicks are brown egg layers. My egg basket is so dominated by green and blue and even white eggs, but my heart has always preferred a nice brown egg.

This experience – my hens hatching their own chicks, raised 100% on this farm – has been so invigorating. This entire season really – it finally feels like I am building something. The thyme I planted last year has come back this year and has been lovingly surrounded with hay to preserve its location. Some of the lettuce I grew last year seeded itself and now I can find little lettuce plants scattered about the garden.

There are bumblebees bumbling about the garden. The grapes are growing fast. The trees are leafing out and looking gorgeous. The strawberries are producing so many that I actually got tired of eating them today. I let the little hen who has figured out if she stands next to me I will hand a strawberry top directly to her have the last small strawberries.

This life I have built is nothing like what I would have imagined at 15. But I am so, so happy and fulfilled.

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