today was perfect.

After weeks of above average temperatures, a brief reprieve to the average was very welcome and needed.

I have largely neglected the garden over the last week and a half. We have put a plan into action to buy land, so I have been very busy with associated activities. I still have no idea if we will be buying the farm or buying another piece of land, but at least I know that in the next little bit I will have a piece of land that is mine, and I can do whatever I want with it.

The first of the cherry tomatoes are ripening. The majority of the tomato plants have flowers and small tomatoes on them. I am interested in doing a taste test in the near future to determine what the best tomato was this year. Tomatoes seem to take forever to ripen, though.

The cucumbers and squash look like they will flower out sometime this week. The bee feed mix from Seed Savers that I planted is absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely dedicate a larger space in the garden for it next year.


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