back to the heat.

Most of the ducks have abandoned their nests, so I cleared those eggs out of the coop today and I can finally start gathering eggs without concern again. There is one duck who is still sitting on her nest. So far she has hatched about four chicks that I can see. Hopefully ducklings will follow in a few days. The chicks are very attached to their mother and it’s extremely adorable. No pictures or videos because she is in the darkest corner of the coop and my presence upsets her.

There are little tiny cucumbers growing now. They are the 7082 cucumber and I’m very excited to taste it in the hopefully near future. I think by July I will be loaded down with tomatoes. My mom’s family loves tomatoes, so I wonder if I could have a tomato taste test at one of the summer holidays. For science, of course.

My favorite corner of the garden is the flower section. It’s tiny, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. I have had the bee feed mix from Seed Savers for a couple of years, but I never prioritized planting it when it was recommended. I had a little patch of bare soil in early spring, so I sowed it heavily. I was worried the chickens had destroyed it the same day they destroyed my tomato starts, but it has grown up and been an absolute pleasure.

Next spring, I would like to have two full rows of bee feed and butterfly feed mix. Ideally at the front of the garden.

I need to build my mobile chicken tractor this weekend.

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