sweet potatoes & other nonsense

Another snake in the coop today. I couldn’t reach it to get it out, so hopefully the baby chicks survive the night. My bravery has limitations, and that is about the length of your standard hoe or shovel.

I tilled up a portion of the garden today to get the sweet potatoes in. I wish I had planned for them better, but I have been so wrapped up with other (bigger, life changing) things over the last couple of weeks. I had sweet potatoes several years ago and it is probably the most successful crop I’ve had other than maybe cherry tomatoes. I sincerely doubt these will be nearly as good, but we can hope. I usually count on the will of the plant to survive.

The garden somehow feels further along than it usually is by this time. I’m not sure if it’s my mind playing tricks on me since it has been so hot or if it’s because I planted the grapes, strawberries, and blackberries that are making the garden seem so full. The tomatoes are definitely further along at this time than they usually are. The peppers do seem to be on the struggle bus, aside from the plant I put in a pot. There are tons of tiny cucumbers trying to find their way into this world.

I am absolutely, 100% failing on my pledge to be better about marking varieties. I had too many pepper plants this year and I’ve just been tucking the extras in wherever there is space after I harvest something else. It’s a strategy, but not a great one.

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