One of the most pleasant aspects of the transition to no till is the amount of volunteers I am noticing in my garden. There are lettuce plants dotting the garden, cosmos came back up, borage is everywhere, squash, and an unidentified vine I hope I don’t regret giving a chance to.

The no till transition is going okay. I definitely have more work to do. The straw I got is wheat straw and I think caused a whole different weed problem. I am hoping to get a few loads of horse manure from my cousin that will let me make new beds and hopefully healthier soil.

My compost bins are definitely off in composition. I need to go back and read my compost book a little more in depth to see what I need to add in order to get it cooking a little faster. I also haven’t been completely diligent it keeping it moist.

There is so much happening in the garden, but I’m mostly waiting for harvest. Lots and lots of tomatoes growing. Tons of cucumbers. The squash still haven’t blossomed out, but it’s getting close. The garlic leaves are starting to go brown, which isn’t ideal because it’s still a few weeks early for harvest. The strawberries are still producing, but they’re definitely winding down. A few of the watermelon plants seem to be taking off, but the rest seem to be growing very slowly. The beans are starting to flower, so hopefully we will have green beans shortly.

I did harvest a couple of potato plants today and I pulled a small garlic plant for lunch today. I’m going to do roast garlic and thyme potatoes with braised roasted pork chops. I made a small salad with probably too many radishes, but I don’t want the radishes to go to waste.

It has been such a dry year. I am worried about the orchard.

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