after an absence.

We have spent the last several months in a pattern of stop and go. The search for land has been hard – harder than I had anticipated when we first began. Admittedly, our requirements are long and unusual, but even still there have been three properties that met the majority of our needs.

The first was vastly, stupidly overpriced. The wife is ready to move, but the husband literally built the house himself and I genuinely believe does not want to leave.

The second had a nearly perfect house, but the plot was aligned strangely and the lines further blurred amongst the neighbors. We moved on without making an offer.

The third house, the one we are reeling from currently had the perfect house. The pantry was the stuff of dreams. Half of the basement was a workshop that would have been perfect for projects. The plot, again, wasn’t ideal, but would have been manageable. During the offer stage, the sellers engaged in some fairly unethical behavior and once again, we have had to walk away.

I had delayed starting seeds as it looked like we would spend May moving, but I will likely spend my afternoon finally getting the onions started. Might throw in a few cabbage plants too, for good measure. It appears I will spend a full, final growing season on this land. I am not regretful, honestly, as it will be nice to see the orchard grow and perhaps harvest grapes, asparagus, blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries from the plants set out a season or two ago.

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