the future.

We are under contract, finally. The property still needs to pass inspection, so it could all fall apart and leave us at square one, but I would be surprised if any major issues showed up. Closing will happen during a time that would make it mostly too late to plant any summer crops.

I will still have the garlic, strawberries, and trees here. I plan to transplant the runners from the strawberry plants as the summer goes on, and hopefully the grapes in the fall, should they have survived the beetles and winter. Luckily the new property is fairly close to the old, so stopping by once or twice a week should be sufficient in maintaining that which remains.

Due to the drought we faced last summer and some enterprising deer, I was nervous about how many trees survived. We have definitely lost two trees, though to be fair one just never took after it was planted. I suspect we have lost five total, though some of the varieties I fear lost are also late bloomers, so we could be surprised yet.

We will transplant the trees in the fall, which should work well in our region. In 2020 I will fill in what was lost and make additions. Ideally, I’ll be planting at least a few trees every year, even if they aren’t nut or fruit trees.

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