the inspection is on monday.

It was originally scheduled for today, but due to thunderstorms (and wanting a more experienced inspector) it was moved to Monday.

I am fairly confident the house will pass with flying colors. There is, however, potential I am completely wrong. The house is an unusual construction (concrete) and was built by the owner himself, who had never built a house like this before. And is also not a licensed contractor. But he is an engineer, the house has two decades under its belt, and there are no visible issues. So maybe my worries are for naught.

Have I mentioned that the owners will be leaving all of their animals? A dog, a couple barn cats, and a few chickens and guineas. I have no doubt that Watson will love having a dog friend again, but Ned Yost the Cat is going to be horrified by the entire move. Truthfully, if we had the option, I would try to leave him with the farm too. I know most people are horrified by this line of thinking, but Ned Yost the Cat is partially feral and it took a year and a half before he was able to relax. I hate to think of him turning back into a terrified little ball of anxiety.

But maybe my worries are for naught and he will be fine with the move. I am less confident in these worries being for nothing than I am about the house.


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