inspections and other nonsense.

We had the first batch of inspections on Monday. It was the first time we’d seen the house since December, so it was great to get to explore the outbuildings and start making firmer plans.

Of course, inspections turned up some things that needed to be fixed. Can’t quite say more than that as the typical discussions that follow inspections are still ongoing. I still think the sale will go through, but of course until the date of closing it’s hard to guarantee anything.

Last year, when I was still planning on staying at the current farm, I ordered a few trees and a couple of lilac bushes. Once it became apparent that we would be moving, I hoped we would be in a house before I had to temporarily plop them in the ground and then move them again. They were delivered today, so plop they go. I will probably stick them in the old melon patch and then scoot them over once we move.

Still haven’t put the onions in the ground or even started hardening them off. I put a silage tarp down when it seemed we would be staying through the summer and I would like it to finish its job, but I need to pull it this weekend and get the potatoes and onions planted. The last crops I will grow here – fingers crossed.

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