things are popping.

The season feels behind, somehow. The winter was long and brutal – maybe historically so, in terms of how long it took to have a day above 60 degrees. I scrolled through the photos on my phone to see when I first saw strawberries, thinking it was way behind, but we still have a couple of weeks before we hit the potentially behind territory.

In the orchard, it looks as though we’ve lost one fig, one persimmon, one cherry, and one apple tree. I will be somewhat surprised if the peach trees make it through the summer, even though they’re trying.

Most all of the other fruit plantings from last year survived. The grapes and blackberries are slowly coming back to life. The aforementioned strawberries should start to produce fruit within a few weeks. I would expect to harvest some blackberries and grapes this year, then probably not next year as we will have to transplant them again.

It’s going to be a weird summer in terms of harvest. I’m nervous because Watson will be at the new farm, so there will be nothing to keep away the multitude of critters that would love nothing more than a free meal. The new farm (assuming we close) is fairly close to the current farm, so it won’t be a huge inconvenience to stop by a few times a week to harvest whatever is left.


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