first harvest.

The asparagus is coming up. I am harvesting it liberally, as I doubt a transplant from its current spot to the new farm would be successful. Now that I have some experience with it, I think I will plant a couple of rows of it at the new farm.

The thyme plant has come back strong. I wish we weren’t in flux as I want to get a few thyme plants started for the new farm, but I need to harden off the onion seedlings and get the plant stand out of my room so that we can start packing and storing boxes in its current spot.

My original strawberry patch bloomed out yesterday. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have tons of strawberries. There was a rabbit who was living part time in the garden, but someone must have caught him as we found a rabbit body in the yard this morning. I was going to cry uncle and let the little guy have the run of the place since we’re leaving, but I am happy to know that I will probably have a good amount of strawberries this spring.

I also harvested some green garlic this morning. We always have more garlic than we know what to do with, so hopefully I can use it in all its stages and work on ways to preserve it this year.

The blackberries lived, if I haven’t mentioned that already. I think 5/6 of the grape vines made it through winter. The blueberry plants look good and hopefully we will have tons of blueberries to eat in a month or two. The persimmon tree is officially dead, which is in line with my expectations.

Need to get the potatoes and onions in the ground. Then it’s just maintenance and getting the fields established at the new farm.

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