ducks and daffodils.

I planted a ring of daffodils around several of the trees in the garden last year. Easily a hundred bulbs and they’re all finally blooming. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be sad when they’re gone.

Captain Silly Pants, my favorite rooster, died today. He wasn’t sick, so I assume it was a heart attack. He was by far my favorite rooster (the only one I planned on taking to the new farm,) so I am sad to see him go.

Quite a few of the hens have gone broody. I’m decidedly not letting any of the hens have chicks this year, especially not right before a move, so I’m having to constantly pull them off the eggs and cause a kerfuffle in the coop. Roger throws a massive fit outside the coop, but does not do anything about it.

One of the ducks has set up a rather impressive nest between the shed and extra garage. It’s fairly well protected and with Watson being out, him and snakes are probably her two biggest threats. I’m sure not going to squeeze myself back there to fight a duck, so good luck to her. If she is successful, I’d guess we’d see ducklings about 3 weeks before we move. It will definitely make my life harder, but I suspect it’s more likely that I’ll be moving 4 ducks instead of 5+.


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