we have land.

We have agreed on a plan post-inspection, which was the last hurdle to jump. Now it is just sitting, waiting, packing, planning.

One of the things I am looking forward to most is letting the ducks finally frolic on a pond. I’ve felt mildly guilty with their life of puddles and kiddie pools for the last two years. They so love water and while we have a pond on this farm, it is far enough from the house and frequented by so many predators that I have never made them aware of its presence.

We have several ponds at the new farm. Two within sight of the front porch. Close enough that Watson can keep an eye on them. Easy enough to walk to and shut up at night. To glance out a window and see the duck version of heaven.

Mama duck is still sitting on her nest. She burst out of her hiding spot this morning when she heard me getting the bag to refill the feeders. The second time I’ve seen her exit her hiding spot. I can’t get back there to see how many eggs she’s sitting on. If my estimated hatch date is right, we still have a little over three weeks before we see ducklings.

And those ducklings will get to spend most of their life on a pond.

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