My name is Lo. In 2011, I left apartment living and started renting my grandparents old farmhouse. My ultimate goal (then and now) was to work with nature to establish soil health, grow healthy and delicious food for my family, help the bees, and let animals be animals.

We have two dogs, Fritz and Watson, who take the night shift. It is common to hear coyotes yipping at night, but the duo do a pretty great job of keeping them away from the main area of the farm. I am hoping they will keep deer away from the orchard as we get that established.

There is one farm cat, Ned Yost, who has developed from mostly feral to 90% tame. Judging by the size of his belly, he does a good job supplementing his diet by patrolling the fields for mice and voles. For the non-baseball fans, he was named after the KC Royals manager. Mostly because he was so grumpy.

Over the last few years I have gardened on-and-off. I worked full-time while finishing both undergraduate and graduate school, in addition to traveling for work the bulk of two growing seasons. In the garden, I focus on companion planting and natural growing techniques. Starting in 2018, we are transitioning to no-till practices in order to boost soil health and hopefully limit weed pressure.

Starting in 2018, we are establishing a small orchard of apple, peach, cherry, fig, plum, and persimmon trees. The garden will house the blueberries, grapes, and blackberries. The plan is to use holistic sprays and companion planting in the orchard. It will likely be years before we harvest any fruit, but I am hoping to expand the orchard yearly in order to help preserve heirloom trees.

Speaking of that – with few exceptions, the bulk of food grown on the farm is non-GMO and either heirloom or historic varieties. In 2018, I have ordered some products from Row 7 that I am excited to try. While I will always dedicate garden space to heirloom varieties, I believe in what Row 7 is trying to accomplish.

In the future, I hope to expand the farm with bees and a dairy cow.