a high of 61.

One of the things I’ve noticed with the dogs is that Fritz has a serious case of FOMO and Watson could care less, but only by a little. We were working outside today while the dogs where in their pen and Fritz was at attention, watching everything we did. Watson would glance our way once in awhile.

We got most of the fence line cleared of trees today. It’s been quiet for awhile, but there is so much to get done before March. It will be seed starting time faster than I think, and since I’m trying to start all my plants from seed this year I need to be both organized and diligent.

Plans are being laid to add bees back to the farm next year. I had them briefly a few years ago, but a tree fell in to the hives during a rainstorm. I loved having bees and have wanted to get more since, but I was traveling for work so much and for so long that it never made sense. I almost talked myself in to getting a couple of hives this year, but debt payoff has to be my #1 priority. I will put a little money aside for bees and the supplies needed and be able to get them sans guilt in 2019.


a high of 53.

We marked out the orchard today. I’m going to do two rows of six trees, plus three trees along a different fence line. I’m very bad at judging distance, so I was surprised to see how much room I had.

I also marked out the beds for the blackberries in the garden. Once again – so much more room than I thought.

I finished three raised beds and put them in place. I have space for one more four by four bed in the back row, and then I can start worrying about the rest of the garden. I might actually have space to grow everything I want to this year without expanding. We shall see.

a high of 46.

All of my plans of building things this weekend have gone flat. I couldn’t source the pallets for the compost bins and then my mom offered to buy me a compost tumbler, so I took her up on it. It should get here early next week and I already have plenty to fill it with.

I thought about going ahead and building the raised beds for the grapes and blackberries, but I don’t particularly wanting them sitting in the weather before I have to. I considered replacing the flooring in my bedroom, but that might also wait.

So now I guess I have a weekend to hang out and read.

a high of 38.

I never thought I’d see the day where I was excited to get out of work to feel weather in the 30s.

I hope the snow has melted. The chickens have been refusing to go outside for the last couple of days and I know they need sunshine and fresh air. They’ve stopped laying for the most part, which is fine with me.

I haven’t looked forward to spring this much in ages.

a high of 24

I went ahead and purchased strawberry plants. I spend a ton of money on strawberries every year, so it made sense to increase my homegrown strawberry production. I got a few varieties and plan on spreading them around the garden.

We are looking at decent weather for the next few days and I’m losing my mind with plans. I want to build a compost bed and a few more raised beds. I’m not sure how many nice days we will have, especially in January and February, so I need to get things prepped for the early spring crops.

(Forget to press post on 1/17/2018)

a high of 9.

When I got home yesterday, it was eerily quiet. Usually the chickens run to meet my car, the ducks are quacking, or the dogs are outside. There wasn’t even wind, which is a near constant in the middle of nowhere.

I slowed my steps down and after a couple of seconds, Watson popped his head out to see who was there and the ducks quacked. It appears everyone has just cried uncle regarding the weather. Even the ducks stayed inside, and they are usually the first ones out and the last ones in.

This should be our last cold day for awhile. The projected high for Saturday is 52, which means I will have the opportunity to clean the coop and hopefully do a few other projects around the farm. I would also like to get the compost bed built, but I don’t have the supplies and the notice might be too short to really get it started.

a high of 14.

I’ve spent much of the last few days alternating between planning the garden and figuring out how to tackle debt.

I think I have decided to use part of my monthly “everything else” budget on strawberry plants. I have an existing strawberry patch, but it’s probably time to tear most of it out and start fresh. I love almost all fruit, and strawberries are in the top 3. I want to tackle my debt as quickly as possible, but I want to balance that with still being able to enjoy the next two years.

Finding the balance is going to be an enormous challenge. I need to make a running list of expenses I need to account for over the next few months – oil change, Watson getting fixed, tags for my car. But – strawberries. My favorite.