The Flock

We have a mixed flock of approximately 23 chickens and 9 ducks. They reside in a large coop with plenty of personal space and have constant access to a protected area outdoors.

They spend most of every day free ranging. Their diligence in scratching and pecking has minimized the tick pressure in the area, which has been a great benefit. They also roam the orchard, helping our holistic management of the fruit trees.

The ducks are Khaki Campbell and Black Cayuga. While I am not sure I will have ducks on the farm beyond this flock, the Khaki Campbell ducks are prolific layers and have almost overwhelmed with the output.

The chickens are comprised of:

  • Anona
  • Araucana
  • Whiting True Blue
  • Cuckoo Maran
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Silver Gray Dorkings
  • Egyptian Faymoumis

While I intend on hatching eggs from this flock, if I were to get new chicks from another source I would want to add Black Australorp and Barred Rock hens. I have had both as members of previous flocks and I miss them quite a bit.